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The Hong Kong Optic has been established for more than 20 years, our main goal has always been providing good quality spectacles with advanced service

Recently we have upgraded our optometric service to a new level so that our customers can enjoy a one stop shop experience.

Shop Address

Welcome everyone to visit

Hang Lung Centre Shop

Suite 612, 6/F, Hang Lung Centre,
2-20 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.


Shop 3A, MTR/Floor, iSQUARE,
63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (MTR exit H)

Life@KCC Shop

Shop 301, Life@KCC, no 72-76
Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung, NT (MTR exit E)

Optometric Services

Professional eye examination

Vision evaluation, optical status checking (Prescription check), binocular vision (lazy eye, squint), color vision, eye pressure, stereopsis test, macular function assessment

Spectacles & contact lens

Optical status checking, tear analysis, corneal curvature measurement, ocular health, suggesting appropriate contact lens material and wearing pattern

Anterior ocular health

Corneal health check, cataract , chalazion

Dilated fundus examination

Fundus examination with normal sized or dilated pupil. We also equipped with fundus camera for taking photos of retina under normal pupil.

Macular function assessment

Macular is the crucial point on the retina with the highest density of optic nerve cells which holds the responsibility of coloring and central vision. If there’s any malfunction or degeneration of the macular, one’s vision will be severely affected.

Professional consultation & report

Our registered optometrists will provide professional consultation and reports.

Dry eye assessment

With advanced equipment, we are able to scan the eye lid status and tears to evaluation dry eye condition.

Vision test for Local Vessel Operators Certification

We provide vision test for getting the local vessel operators certification.

Contact lens fitting centre

A Varity of contact lenses is available such as daily disposable, progressive contact lenses.

Myopia control service for children


Prescription check with pupil dilation

The ‘focusing’ muscle of children is relatively active and flexible. After prolonged near work there may be a spasm which leads to inaccurate prescription measurement. With the use of dilating eye drop, the ‘focusing’ muscle can be temporarily relaxed for a more accurate assessment.


Regular prescription check

After the evaluation of optometrist, a come-back schedule will be arranged for closed monitoring of children’s vision development. If rapid change is detected, recommendation will be given.


Progressive spectacles lens for children

MIYOSMART defocusing spectacles lens
Night time reshaping hard contact lens
Day time defocusing soft contact lens


Vision training

Amblyopia / Strabismus children, improve vision

Optometrist Info


Ms Shirley Lee

BSC in Optometry (Hons) from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
第一部份註冊視光師 (合資格醫療券服務提供者)

Trustable opometrist

Professional optometric equipment

Simple and convenient service

Safe and trust worthy procedure

Professional care

Service Flow

Making appointment / Walk in enquiry

Telling us about your daily vision need, contact lens history and related health history.

Case Sharing

Aiden 8 years old, student

Primary 2 Aiden started wearing shortsighted glasses last year and complained about headache and drowsiness from time to time. His family didn’t take it seriously until the first visit to the Hong Kong Optic. He was discovered with mild unnoticeable strabismus and weak accommodation power or eyes. Our optometrist prescribed specialty lenses for him to relieve him from his symptoms and also enhanced his learning efficiency.

Karen 28 years old, Clerk

Karen worked as a clerk at office and spent around 8 hours on computer every day. Soon she experienced unstable vision, temporarily blurriness, burning and dry sensation of eyes. She was then introduced to our centre and underwent a dry eye assessment with advance instrument. Severely insufficient tears and corneal damage was discovered. After taking the treatment recommended by our optometrist, her vision improved and worked more efficiently.

Mrs Lau, 62 years old, retired

Dance and party lover Mrs Lau has been equipped with progressive eyeglasses for many years which gave her normal vision but inconvenience when dancing. She then enrolled our progressive contact lens trial activity and knew more about the new contact lens material. The comfort and vision was very satisfying with the contacts. Now Mrs Lau can be free from the eyeglasses and be able to read fine things at the same time.

Contact Us

For any enquiry please feel free to let us know. We will get back to you as soon as possible.